One-third of all craftsmen wants to invest more in digitization

One-third of all construction companies in Sweden plan to increase their investments in digitization. Increased productivity, faster invoicing, and better control are the biggest advantages.

In our annual report, the Digimeter, businesses in the construction industry answer questions about how and why they use digital tools. Many respond that they save a lot of time and money with such tools.

“Therefore, it’s encouraging that 35 percent indicate they will increase their digital investments. It’s not surprising that this percentage remains high despite the uncertain market, as the efficiency gains with digitization are significant,” says Gustav Line, CEO of SmartCraft. “Only 2 percent intend to decrease investments,” Gustav continues.

As competition for customers intensifies, it becomes increasingly important to work in a smarter way. “A digital investment usually turns out to be profitable. Those who dare to invest today can quickly see positive effects that enhance competitiveness. The craftsmen we’ve asked lift increased productivity, better control, and quicker invoicing as the main reasons for digitization. In uncertain times, this is, of course, more crucial than ever,” says Gustav Line.

He emphasizes that everyone in the industry is only at the beginning of the digitization journey. For example, the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence will inevitably impact both businesses and employees. Gustav Line doesn’t believe it’s the right time for businesses to just ‘wait and see’.

“What we can be sure of, is that new digital solutions will give craftsmen even more time for the ‘real’ work. I look forward to be following this, both as a business leader and in the upcoming years’ Digimeter surveys,” says Gustav Line.

About the Digimeter

The Digimeter is an annual survey of the construction industry’s digitization. The 2023 report is based on a survey among a random selection of companies of varying sizes and areas within the construction industry in Sweden.

Visit to read the report on how the industry views how digitization affects work and how they believe development will progress.

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