From 50 to 170 employees in 5 years when Gevab started using Bygglet

Oliver Celec works as a project manager at Gevab Byggservice in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gevab has around 170 employees that offer all kinds of services within the construction industry. They have been using the Bygglet digital project tool since 2018. Previously, they primarily worked with pen and paper experiencing endless hours of manual administration. Today, Gevab has not only all their projects in order, but they have also been able to increase profitability, thus growing the company by far!

The profit increased when the digital tool freed up time and simplified the administration.

– Before Bygglet we worked with pen and paper. We needed to find a solution that could replace the manual process; everything from time registration and invoicing to project management and follow-up on how the projects were going. That’s the reason we chose to digitize ourselves!

– In 2017 our employees got their work orders, time registration and article registration on paper. For example, if they needed a screw package, they noted it in their time reports, thus making it easy to miss items when it was time to for invoicing customers. Today, we simply use the article registration in Bygglet, which means that we increase profitability in the long term when we can invoice for all bits and pieces used in the projects. It might not sound as a big deal, but if you miss a lot of small items, it can be incredibly large sums by the end of the year that fall through the cracks.

Man sitting in an office registering an article on his computer using SmartCraft's digital solution Bygglet

The ability to easily manage projects and perform risk analyzes directly on the mobile app.

– My employees out in the field receives a list in the app on which projects they are assigned to, together with a schedule on how the projects are progressing, when they have to be there and what they have to bring with them, which makes it very easy for them to plan their workdays.

– In order for us to ensure safe and well executed projects we use the questionnaire form provided in the Bygglet app. The guys on site fill in the questionnaire where they basically answer questions about the project before they begin or end their day.

Tow men planning their construction work by looking at some plan sketches

Switching to working digitally can be decisive to become more profitable.

– It is obvious that people in the construction industry are a little reluctant to digitize their work flows. But being able to follow up, ensuring that invoices are correct as well as creating new projects digitally, makes everything around running a business much easier.

– In 2018, we had around 40-50 employees at Gevab. Today we are 170 and working with pen and paper and handling the time registration for 170 employees would have taken an enormous amount of time and required considerable resources. Switching to a digital project tool made it possible for us to grow!

About Gevab Byggservice AB

Gevab Byggservice AB was founded in 2014 and is a fast growing construction company that offers services within construction, carpentry, electricity and renovations.

Employees: 170
Turnover: 133 million SEK (2021)
Gevab website

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