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SmartCraft is the leading Nordic provider of software solutions for craftsmen and the construction industry.

We are on a mission to empower European construction workers to gain business control and more productivity by simplifying work processes.


Ensure strong project execution

Planning, execution and follow up. We offer all the tools you need to always keep track of your profits and complete projects with success.

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Maximize your quality and safety

With easy-to-use solutions for project communication, inspection and risk management you can minimize project friction, meet safety and quality regulations by laws and avoid near misses.

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Track your business in one view

With your full business in one view you can make the right decisions based on actual data at all times. Make immediate actions to improve and grow over time.

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Plumbers, electricians, painters, contractors and other entrepreneurs who benefits from increased productivity and profitability everyday using SmartCraft.

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We deliver solutions to all segments


We make it easy for you to keep track of your business before, during and after in your projects. With few clicks you can evaluate profitability and project execution.

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With SmartCraft’s solutions for calculation, cable dimensioning and safety, you can ensure good cost control and good project management from start to finish.

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SmartCraft helps you with project reporting, risk management, efficient resource management and communication with all relevant stakeholders in all your projects. 

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SmartCraft launches Tellus API

Discover Tellus, an open-source and free API that allows you to retrieve real fuel consumption data from truck’s telematics into any system.

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Investor relations

Our mission is to simplify business for craftsmen

SmartCraft is the leading Nordic provider of software solutions for craftsmen and the construction industry. We are 260 employees that serve 130 000+ users in Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK.

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Sustainability at SmartCraft

Through our solutions, employees, supply chain and customer relationships, we aim to have a positive impact on the future. We prioritize responsible business practices, aiming to reduce our environmental impact and promote a safe, positive workplace. Our sustainability work covers Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aligning with our mission to make a meaningful impact.

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