Retrieve real-time environmental data from trucks

Discover Tellus, an open-source and free API from SmartCraft that allows you to retrieve real fuel consumption data from truck’s telematics into any system.

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For developers within construction industry

A free solution

Tellus uses real-time data from the truck’s telematics to be used in real environmental reports.

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For fleat management systems

New environmental requirements

By automating the reporting of fuel consumption, Tellus helps you measure the exact amount of fuel consumed.

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Open to continue develop

Open-source code

Tellus is an open source project and anyone can contribute to its further development.

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Utilize Tellus’ open-source code in your fleet now

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Tellus – helps you comply with the new environmental requirements

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has introduced new environmental requirements regarding digital sustainability reporting via the BEAST Supply 4.0 protocol, which will be implemented gradually starting from March 2024. These environmental requirements entail that suppliers on construction projects must report the fuel consumption for transports within the project. The reporting will apply to haulage companies conducting transports where Trafikverket is the client and has included the requirements in the procurement. Similar requirements are likely to be included by other in the future, which is why we have developed Tellus – an open API that helps you comply with the environmental requirements.

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This is how Tellus works

Tellus API is a web-based application with a REST API interface that can be connected to roughly 98% of all modern heavy trucks in Sweden. SmartCraft Tellus provides integrations against all the major truck manufacturers: Volvo, Scania, MAN and (soon) Mercedes, for the user to retrieve vehicle data such as fuel consumption between a specific time period. You could, for example, retrieve fuel consumption for an order automatically when it is completed. Read about Tellus in Swedish!

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A simple solution to meet the new environmental requirements


What are the new environmental requirements from the Swedish Transport Administration?

The new environmental requirements mean that all suppliers in the construction and transport sectors must report fuel consumption digitally. These requirements will be introduced gradually starting in March 2024.

How will the new environmental requirements affect my business?

The new requirements mean you must start reporting fuel consumption digitally. This may require adapting your existing systems or implementing new solutions like the Tellus API to ensure compliance.

What happens if I do not meet the new environmental requirements?

If you do not meet the new requirements, you may not be able to participate in procurements with the Swedish Transport Administration or other clients who implement similar requirements, which could impact your business opportunities.

Which companies are affected by these requirements?

All trucking companies performing transport services for projects where the Swedish Transport Administration is the client and has included these requirements in the procurement. Similar requirements may also be introduced by other clients.

Does Beast Supply 4.0 replace the requirements from Supply OBS?

Yes, Beast Supply 4.0 replaces the previous requirements from Supply OBS. The new version includes updates and improvements that better meet current regulations and standards in fuel reporting and environmental requirements.

What is SmartCraft Tellus?

Tellus is a free and open-source API from SmartCraft that enables automatic collection and reporting of fuel consumption from trucks to any system.

How does SmartCraft Tellus work?

Tellus uses real-time data from the trucks’ telematics systems to generate accurate fuel reports. The API is compatible with over 98% of modern heavy trucks in Sweden.

How can I start using SmartCraft Tellus?

You can integrate the Tellus API into your current system by visiting our documentation page and following the instructions.

Is the Tellus API secure?

Yes, the Tellus API is developed with the highest security standards to ensure your data is protected.

What type of data does Tellus collect?

Tellus collects data on fuel consumption, mileage, and other related parameters from the trucks’ telematics systems.

Can I use Tellus with all my trucks?

Tellus is compatible with over 98% of all modern heavy trucks in Sweden, making it likely that your vehicles are supported.

How long does it take to implement Tellus?

The implementation time varies depending on your current system and technical resources, but SmartCraft offers detailed guides and support to help you through the process.

Will Tellus cost anything in the future?

Tellus is free of charge, regardless of whether you use the managed service from SmartCraft or build your own solution from the open source project.

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