Edström’s ToolBar and SmartCraft collaboration: Streamlining consumables management on construction sites

Many companies have dreamt of not having to pick up materials on the way to or from the construction site or office? With Edström’s ToolBar, both the extra time and the administration is avoided. The self-filling cabinet also has an automatic connection to SmartCraft’s tool for Project Management, Bygglet, allowing consumed material to end up on the right project giving you a clear overview of spend.

What is a ToolBar?

Edström’s ToolBar is a smart supply cabinet of consumables, where replenishment takes place automatically, without anyone having to manually place an order. The project administrator decides which products, how many, and at which balance point the product should be replenished. Before the installation, an analysis is made and the ToolBar is adapted to the project and site needs.

How does a ToolBar work?

Normally when a company needs an extra few packages of screws, they would have to go to a dealer. With a ToolBar, the cabinet storage is opened easily with a code or an ID card. When the doors are closed, the cabinet automatically detects what has been taken out since each compartment has a scale. When the desired packages are selected, the correct price is updated directly into the project in Bygglet. Each person has a personal login which secures personal responsibility when collecting goods and materials. When the goods start to run out, ToolBar orders new products automatically, according to predetermined quantities, which Edströms quickly replenishes.

The ToolBar can contain everything from tools to consumables such as gloves. There is also an option to manage stock for borrowing certain tools or parts that you can return after usage. Good for both the wallet and the environment!

The major advantages of using the ToolBar with the direct connection to a digital tool are many: reduced costs, simplified inventory management, control over purchases, tailored content, automatic loading of consumed materials into Bygglet, and reduced consumption of products and tools. Further the invoice sent to the customer is correct and companies don’t have to deal with forgotten or disappeared receipts. Valuable time is saved and profitability increased.

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