Digimeter 2022

Digimeter 2022: It’s a myth that the construction industry doesn’t want to digitalize

It is true that many craftsmen are uninterested in digitalizing. Our latest survey among Swedish construction companies shows that this is true to some degree. Most of the surveys participants sees big advantages with digital solutions.

Our latest report, SmartCraft Digimeter, shows that most of the companies in the construction industry uses some form of digital solution. The most commonly used solution is a financial system to take care of the administrative tasks. According to our CEO Gustav Line there are still relatively few that uses specialized digital solutions for the industry.

“I see big potential for growth in the Swedish construction industry. Today there are digital solutions who helps construction companies with mission-critical processes in their workday. If more craftsmen adopted these solutions many construction companies could be more effective.”

On the other hand, Line is optimistic when the survey shows that the majority of craftsmen has a positive attitude towards adapting digital solutions.

“It is a myth that the construction industry does not want to digitalize. Is up to us as provider of these solutions to help them get started. That is our homework for this report”, Line concludes.


SmartCraft Digimeter is an annual survey about the digitalization of the construction industry in the Nordics. This year’s report is based on a written survey among Swedish construction companies in different sectors of the industry.

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