Finnish construction company Lujatalo Oy chooses SmartCraft to manage quality and safety

Lujatalo, one of Finland’s leading construction companies, chooses the SmartCraft solution Congrid to manage the quality and safety at its construction sites.

Lujatalo is a forerunner in utilizing digital methods in construction, and the Congrid solution provided by SmartCraft completes Lujatalo’s digital construction toolbox with quality and safety documentation and process control. The agreement allows all Lujatalo construction sites to implement the solution, aiming to improve quality and safety documentation and processes in a long-term partnership with Congrid. Onboarding will start in the autumn 2022.

“We are very pleased that Lujatalo trust us to help digitizing and streamline quality and safety processes. At the full potential this agreement includes more than 100 construction sites and in terms of revenue Lujatalo becomes one of our most significant customers. This partnership strengthens our already solid foothold in the Finnish construction market as Lujatalo is one of the country’s largest construction companies. Following this, most of the large construction companies in Finland use SmartCraft in their quality and safety work, meaning that we are a leader in this field,” said Gustav Line, CEO at SmartCraft.

The Congrid solution from SmartCraft is a connected quality and safety platform for construction professionals and provides a single platform for handling all quality and safety management processes on any construction project.

“We want to ensure we are ready for the model-based construction process and collect all the necessary data from the sites according to our standards. Congrid will help us to succeed with our goals and our construction sites will use the complete solution,” comments Tommi Vilmi, development manager at Lujatalo.

Family-owned, Lujatalo Oy is a versatile building contractor with experience in the construction of residential, commercial, and public buildings such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, business parks, schools and hospitals. Since 1970, Lujatalo has grown to be one of the most known construction companies in Finland.

For more information contact:

Gustav Line, CEO SmartCraft ASA
Mobile: +47 952 671 04

Timo Makkonen, General Manager Congrid Oy
Mobile: +358505829434

Timo Jääskeläinen, Development director Lujatalo Oy
Mobile: +358445852711

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