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Congrid is Skanska’s choice for quality and safety management in Finland

Skanska Finland has chosen Congrid as the construction quality and safety assurance software for its production. Over 100 Skanska sites will use Congrid to carry out weekly occupational safety measurements, quality inspections and defect management.

“Categories depending on the type of defect have been created for defect notes, which allows us to learn from our mistakes and improve our operations. We will also use Congrid’s system to carry out reviews by senior management as well as monitoring rounds related to site appearance and moisture management. Collecting a site’s quality and safety data in one system allows us to monitor the situation at our sites in real time and react to shortcomings and defects immediately”, says Riia Aaltonen, Quality Manager at Skanska. 

Since the spring 2020, more than 500 Skanska employees have already used the Congrid software in quality and safety management at sites. 

“Introducing the software has gone extremely well and even been delightfully smooth. Skanska clearly has a lot people who are very keen to work together with us, which is particularly evident in their enthusiasm about the opportunities offered by the system and their commitment to involve subcontractors in quality management”, says Timo Makkonen, CEO of Congrid. 

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