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JSB Construction AB introduces digital safety and quality inspections with Congrid

One of Sweden’s largest private housebuilders, JSB Construction AB, has introduced new digital workflows using Congrid’s safety and quality inspections mobile app. Replacing manual processes, the new approach has increased transparency with JSB’s customers, who can now follow site remotely in real-time.

JSB Construction AB builds concept houses for Sveriges Allmännytta, a public housing organisation in Sweden. Previously, the company relied upon paper-based processes before it began its digital journey and started working with Congrid.

Improved collaboration

“We have moved from working with paper and forms to digitalising the entire safety and quality inspections procedure,” explained Jonas Zetterqvist, digital expert at JSB Construction AB. “The necessary inspections are now made on-site as work progresses and all the information is saved automatically, with photographs added where necessary.”

Mattias Kjörling, supervisor at JSB Construction AB, highlighted some of the new advantages already achieved: “Customers have reacted very positively to the digital transition. For example, they can now read the site diary and see the photo documentation remotely. As a result, everything is 100% transparent, giving customers excellent project insight and the dialogue has improved, resulting in fewer queries and discussions.”

JSB introduces digital safety and quality inspections with Congrid

Significant time savings

Working digitally is also achieving significant time savings. JSB employees no longer need to make notes on paper, type them up in the office and subsequently upload and distribute the information via email. Instead, everything is now done in Congrid’s mobile app so all stakeholders have the latest information available in real-time.

“Currently, we mostly use the app on mobile phones — for example, for safety checks, environmental notes and quality inspections. Additionally, an increasing number of our subcontractors have started using Congrid to view floor plans, instead of running around with a pile of papers which are easily damaged by bad weather,” commented Kjörling.

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