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Unlocking growth – the power of AI in B2B Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has become more than just a buzzword; it’s a critical driver of growth and innovation for companies across various sectors. We at SmartCraft we have embraced this transformative technology to not only stay ahead of competition in the competitive market, but also to position ourselves for sustainable growth. “The use of AI has already improved productivity for our developers with 20 percent,” says Christian Saleki, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), we discussed the role of AI in SmartCraft’s growth strategy and its impact on the tech sector.

SmartCraft’s journey into the realm of AI

SmartCraft acknowledges the possibilities within AI. It can serve as a valuable assistant and collaborator, but it is imperative to recognize that a truly remarkable product needs a great team of people. While millions have embraced AI, uncharted opportunities remain, and SmartCraft is dedicated to exploring how we can integrate AI into our business model, always mindful that the fulfillment of our vision ultimately relies on the collective efforts of our team.

Christian explains “AI has been on the radar for the past decade. Possibilities were always there, but the technology wasn’t quite up to par. AI technology is not actually new as such, but during the last two to three years, we’ve witnessed an exponential acceleration in AI capabilities. This has allowed the gap between vision and reality to be bridged.”

Empowering developers to be creative

In discussing AI integration, Christian draws a compelling parallel to the world of software development. “When building software, you often start by putting together a component to make everything work. In this process, developers sometimes need to search for specific implementations through various search engines which is often quite time-consuming and diverts attention from the creative task at hand. AI tools like GitHub Copilot help the developer to find the answers they need inside their development environment, allowing them to work more efficiently.” he explains.

AI not only makes coding faster, but it also enhances the quality of the final product. Christian highlights that AI can analyze code for security vulnerabilities and assist in writing automated tests, crucial for ensuring the reliability of software. It’s not about replacing developers but rather empowering them to focus on creative aspects while AI handles repetitive tasks.

Leading the way to sustainable success in tech

Christian emphasizes that SmartCraft’s strategic approach to AI adoption sets us apart in a competitive landscape. SmartCraft understands the importance of cautious steps and learning from others’ experiences. “We don’t need to be at the frontline because there may be more to lose than gain. SmartCraft has started by implementing AI tools internally, ensuring a safe environment to familiarize ourselves. After a period of gaining experience, we expect to introduce it in the customer facing products,” he says.

The goal is to maximize user value, and SmartCraft believes in making AI seamless and customer centric. Rather than requiring users to understand the underlying technology, we aim to leverage AI for the products’ benefit. This approach distinguishes SmartCraft as a leader in the field, offering both innovative solutions and a clear path to adoption.

Navigating security and AI

Christian also points out the importance of AI in connection with cyber security: “AI can automate security processes, allowing companies to identify vulnerabilities and threats more efficiently. One of the great things with AI is that it can continuously monitor and analyze vast amounts of data, helping companies stay one step ahead of potential security breaches. It provides a level of protection that would be challenging to achieve manually, making it an invaluable asset for SmartCraft and our customers.”

AI increases productivity with 20 percent

SmartCraft is already seeing positive results from its AI adoption. “We’ve achieved around a 20 percent increase in productivity,” Christian reveals.

“This boost in efficiency translates into cost savings and improved time-to-market for SmartCraft’s solutions. And we believe it will be possible to extract further efficiency gains for developers. But this is only the start. AI opens doors to new markets and opportunities, and we believe AI will help us bring even more value to both customers and shareholders. One thing is certain: SmartCraft is committed to delivering tangible results and staying at the forefront of innovation,” Christian ends.

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