SmartCraft helps Sikringen to hit bullseye with their calculations

SmartCraft has, through Cordel Norge, signed a new agreement with Sikringen, an electrician-chain with over 160 member companies and 2500 electricians. The agreement ensures the SmartCraft’s SaaS solution “Cordel Elektrokalk” is the preferred calculation tool for the members of Sikringen. The goal is to make their members to become more competitive and profitable.

The background for the new agreement is a strong wish from the members of Sikringen to have a common calculation tool. Sikringen undertook a thorough market screening before selecting the SmartCraft solution Cordel.

– Our members have requested a common calculation-tool for Sikringen, which covers both smaller jobs for the retail market, as well as larger tenders. The SmartCraft-solution Cordel offers all those functions, says Roger Withbro, General Manager at Sikringen.

Sikringen was founded by the electrical wholesaler Solar in 1998 and is a part of their partner program. With high engagement on environment and sustainability, Solar will contribute with content to Cordel’s database for products and packages. This ensures that each member company of Sikringen always calculate with correct prices and information according to their own agreement.

– At Sikringen we focus on profitability for our members and will always ensure that our member have good access to digital solutions that can put them ahead of the competition. Precise calculations make a good foundation for correct and accurate pricing to customers. Cordel Elektrokalk will be an important planning tool for our members before the job is done, says Sales Coordinator at Sikringen.

– We are proud to see that Sikringen, a serious player in the market for electricians, chooses Cordel as its calculation tool. In times where prices are rising and margins are low, it is good to see that Sikringen really takes the profitability of its members seriously. We believe they will quickly be able to benefit from the tool and experience improved internal processes, says Gustav Line, CEO at SmartCraft.

About Sikringen

Sikringen is a nationwide electrician-chain with over 160 member companies and 2500 electricians, from small electrician companies to large contractors. Sikringen is owned by the Danish listed company Solar, and focuses heavily on environment and sustainability in their work.

For more information contact:
Gustav Line, CEO SmartCraft ASA
Mobile: +47 952 671 04

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