SmartCraft helps Liseberg spin the carousel

Liseberg is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Sweden. Since 1923, Liseberg has had millions of people meet and enjoy themselves together in the amusement park. Joakim Blad and Anders Östlund are supervisors in the electricity department at Liseberg, where they have worked for over 30 years.

For 10 years, EL-VIS have been used for, among other things, self-audit checklists, templates, and cable dimensioning. Joakim and Anders say that the solution simplifies their working day, and that work also becomes safer and more secure.

“Before we started using EL-VIS we sat and typed in books, it was a lot of manual work. The work is much faster and easier now that everything is digital. It’s also much safer. Previously we had to work with larger safety margins, which where more expensive. With EL-VIS you can be sure that you get the right answer, and we now save money through better calculations”, says Joakim.

“Thanks to EL-VIS, we work safer and more secure while saving time”

Meets the legal requirement with the help of EL-VIS

Since 2017, there is a requirement that all companies that work with electrical installations must have a so-called self-audit scheme. The application ensures that the work is carried out correctly and by people with the right skills. Liseberg’s electrical department uses EL-VIS Self-Audit Scheme and EL-VIS Template, which helps them with this.

“Previously, we had self-audit checklists in paper form. But now we have transferred all self-audit checklists so that they are available digitally in EL-VIS. This gives us a much clearer overview of the documentation. The requirement for documentation is constantly increasing, and with EL-VIS we feel confident that we can keep up and meet the legal requirement”, says Anders.

The popular sling swing Loke is cable dimensioned using EL-VIS Cable.

The popular sling swing Loke is cable dimensioned using EL-VIS Cable.

EL-VIS makes it easy to calculate correctly

Next year, a couple of exciting new attractions will be built at Liseberg. For the electrical work Anders and Joakim will use cable dimensioning in EL-VIS Cable for all the calculations on cable lengths and cable areas.

“We work a lot with cable calculations in EL-VIS and get good quality answers. It saves us a lot of time instead of doing this with pen and paper. We chose to work with EL-VIS because it is a recognized good application and we know many who use it. It is an easy application to use, and we are very satisfied”, Joakim concludes.

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