Maximizing the efficiency of pipelinerenovation projects with Congrid and HomeRun 

Good customer service and customer experiences are crucial factors for success in all industries, including the construction and real estate sectors. The Finnish construction company, Fira Oy, is aware of this and has set a goal to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for its customers during pipeline renovation projects. 

Fira Oy uses SmartCraft’s tools to revolutionize pipeline renovation projects

A pipe replacement renovation in a housing association can be a challenging and stressful time for the residents. To minimize uncertainty and facilitate communication, Fira Oy has chosen to implement SmartCraft’s digital solution, Congrid, and integrate it with HomeRun. 

“The age range of the residents varies from 18 to 100 years, so it is important that the digital tool used is user-friendly, regardless of previous technical experience,” describes Taina Parikka, Service Manager at Fira Oy. They use Congrid to manage quality and safety at their construction sites. HomeRun serves as a partner for customer communication and the option selection process regarding materials in the apartments. 

By integrating Congrid and HomeRun, Fira Oy has streamlined the flow of information and significantly reduced the amount of manual work. Before using digital solutions, residents had to fill out paper forms for repair needs. This process has now been simplified through the aftersales module in HomeRun. The integration creates more efficient processes as repair needs are filled in digitally in HomeRun and sent directly to Congrid. Residents can also track the repair process online and see when the work is expected to be completed. 

Facilitate communication and minimize uncertainty during pipeline renovations 

Fira Oy is not the only construction company benefiting from these tools. Pohjola Rakennus has also chosen Congrid and HomeRun to improve their customer service and streamline their construction projects. The construction group Pohjola produces nearly 4,000 new apartments annually. By using Congrid, they can fill in the quality matrix for safety rounds at the start of construction projects. HomeRun is used as a communication tool but also offers customers the opportunity to choose materials for their homes through the digital store. 

“Previously, residents conducted inspections when moving in with paper forms sent by mail. The information now moves faster, and no one needs to wait for papers to be moved from one desk to another. No one needs to spend time writing down the information on the forms,” explains Jenna Kinnunen, Production Engineer at the Pohjola Group. Inspections now occur quickly and seamlessly between the systems and the residents. In addition, residents can include photos to clearly show areas that need repair, increasing quality and reliability. 

In summary, the Finnish construction companies Fira Rakennus Oy and Pohjola Rakennus have shown how SmartCraft’s solutions, Congrid and HomeRun, can revolutionize both pipeline renovation projects and construction projects. By maximizing efficiency and improving communication between all parties, these tools can yield excellent results and transform ordinary construction projects into exceptional customer experiences. 

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