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Cordel Norge expands its collaboration with Compello

Compello and Cordel Norge have worked closely together for many years. Cordel Norge has already integrated Compello’s solutions for EHF, invoice receipt and Vipps eFaktura to digitize manual processes. The collaboration is now being further expanded and Cordel Norge is integrating Compello’s invoice approval system into its solutions.

The craft industry wants digital solutions

Cordel Norge’s cloud-based solutions are specially adapted for craftsmen, contractors and specialist retailers to automate and digitize manual processes. Cordel offers all the functions you need to get a good financial overview of all projects, from submitting offers to invoicing.

There is a great demand in the craft industry for tools that can make daily work more efficient, and more efficient solutions for handling incoming invoices. Cordel Norge has therefore chosen to integrate Compello PROCESS in order to give its customers an even better overview and control of all incoming invoices, simplify processes for approval and automation, so that you can have less focus on invoice management.

With a separate app for invoice approval, you will now be able to easily check and approve invoices wherever you are and receive notification if there is something you have forgotten. You also get the option of multiple approvers, daily reminders for pending invoices and automatic accounting.

By using Compello PROCESS and Cordel, contractors and craftsmen can automate both project management and financial management.

Compello and Cordel expands collaboration.
Bjørn Kristian Bentzen – Cordel Norge (left) and Torgeir Letting – Compello.

A perfect match

For craft companies, contractors and specialist retailers, the combination of Cordel and Compello PROCESS will be a perfect match. With this combination, you will get tools that are optimized for an efficient workday.

– Cordel has the solutions that streamline and digitize craftsmen and contractors. They have long been an important partner for Compello and when we now establish an even closer collaboration, we are confident that together we can deliver services that make the craft industry ready for the future, says CEO Torgeir Letting at Compello.

– For many years, Compello has provided the technology that enables our customers to handle the market’s needs for electronic processing of invoices. Connecting closer ties with a partner who works with the same philosophy around digitization and customer care is important to us, says general manager Bjørn Kristian Bentzen at Cordel Norge.

For more information contact:

Bjørn Kristian Bentzen, General manager, Cordel Norge
Tel: +47 468 03 633

Torgeir Letting, CEO, Compello
Tel: +47 916 55 537

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Illustration collaboration

Cordel Norge expands its collaboration with Compello