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SmartCraft launches initiative to support tracking and reduction of CO2 footprint in transportation and construction 

SmartCraft, a leading provider of innovative software solutions for the construction industry, is launching Tellus, an open-source solution for obtaining and analyzing fuel consumption for trucks and lorries, supporting efficient reporting of environmental data. 

“We are aiming for the construction industry and committed to support sustainability and ESG initiatives for craftsmen and construction companies. The new SmartCraft Tellus solution will provide efficient, real-time information about fuel consumption and emissions for companies’ vehicles. Reduced emissions from vehicles will be an important driver for this industry’s ability to achieve emission reduction targets, CEO of SmartCraft Gustav Line said. 

Skanska has embraced Tellus and is excited about the possibilities regarding the environmental benefits. Skanska’s ambition is to track its construction transport suppliers. In larger projects, this can involve hundreds of transports in and out of the project every day for excavation materials and construction supplies. 

“This is a fantastic initiative for Skanska and a great example of how we in the construction sector together can make a difference in environmental work,” Sandi Nordin, Logistics Specialist at Skanska, said. 

Right from the start, SmartCraft Tellus provides smooth integrations with major brands Volvo, Scania, MAN, and Mercedes. Integration will be extended to cover more brands.  

SmartCraft Tellus is an open-source solution based on open APIs, which means that anyone can use the solution freely. It is expected to be attractive for many, not the least providers of software for the transportation industry as it offers compliance with The Swedish Transport Administration’s new reporting requirements.  

“SmartCraft plans to offer integration with our existing solutions for craftsmen to help our customers simplify the way they keep track of fuel consumption and GHG emissions, empowering them to save money and efficiently report how they track against their own and their customer’s ESG targets,” Gustav Line said. 

For further queries, please contact:
Gustav Line, CEO
Phone: +47 952 67 104

Rebin Malmström, product owner
Phone: +4672-704 31 20

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