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SmartCraft connects the customer and Optimera

During 2021, the SmartCraft solution Kvalitetskontroll has delivered a seamless order and communication platform for Optimera AS and their stores, craftsmen and end customers called “Ferdig Montert”, Finished Assembled in English. The solution is intuitive and easy to use where all acceptance of orders / jobs and communication is gathered in one place.

Great benefits for the end customer and the craftsman

The solution is easy to use both for the retail workers, the craftsman who receives the job and the customer who has ordered a Finished Assembled product in one of the Montèr stores, either physically or digitally. The customer can place an order of a product and a job is generated based on the type of product to be delivered. This makes it possible to buy a finished product, and have it delivered without much administration.

After the customer has accepted the job and the product, all communication, handling and documentation of the job is done through the new solution. The end customer can easily follow what has been done, while the craftsman handles all the communication, documentation, and changes in one platform. In this way, the end customer has a 100% overview in all stages from the sales phase to a finished product.

Optimizes all stages

“The new solution has simplified the way Optimera offers their products to the market. We are very happy that we have been able to deliver a product that helps to optimize all stages of the sales process”, says Christer Kleppestø, General Manager of Kvalitetskontroll.

“One of the biggest problems in the construction industry is to capture all changes that entail a financial cost. With the new solution, this has been simplified, as the craftsman on site can create changes to existing orders and have this signed by the customer digitally in a few minutes”, says Lars Bergerud Market Manager at Optimera.

More opportunities for Kvalitetskontroll and Optimera

“This solution opens new opportunities for Kvalitetskontroll and Optimera. Optimera has more than 3000 member companies and in the future we expect that Finished Assembled will increase the penetration of Kvalitetskontroll among these members”, says Kleppestø.

“We look forward to expanding the solution further in 2022, and only see upsides with the new solution that Kvalitetskontroll and SmartCraft have delivered to us in record time”, says Bergerud.

For more information contact:
Gustav Line, CEO SmartCraft ASA
Mobile: +47 952 671 04

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SmartCraft acquires Kvalitetskontroll AS, further consolidating the SaaS market for construction companies.