Bygglet Gasell 2020

Bygglet is honoured to be a Gasell-company, not only once, but five years in a row!

Bygglet acquired their first Gasell price in 2015 and have since then performed like a shooting star. They have 5 years in a row received the prominent Gasell price. In only 7 years, Bygglet has grown from 5 to 49 employees and the company is still not showing any tendency to slow down, rather the opposite.

Hanna Konyi, CEO of Bygglet, 

– We are giving our customers the ability to become more efficient by offering a digital project-tool allowing time for more preferred work than administration. With more than 60 000 active app users and 1.5 million projects created through Bygglet, we are happy to see that 9 out of 10 customers would recommend others to use Bygglet. 

She continues, 

– We have a lot of interesting things going on at the moment. During September we introduced our Customer Benefit Portal which gives our customers even more use and advantages in their daily work. Just take a look at our new cooperation with Jobsafe, where Bygglet customers get up to 50% rebate on e.g. safety training they are required to do anyways. We are also recruiting more developers, which gives us the possibility to improve our current functionality meanwhile we’re working on new features that will give our users an even smoother workday.

So, what does it take to become a Gasell company and what does it mean?

DI Gasell is honoring companies throughout the country that focus on growth creating more work opportunities. The criteria to receive the price are tough and less than 0,5% of all Swedish limited companies yearly receive the Gasell price.

The criteria to become a Gasell company are as follows:

–       A revenue above 10 million SEK

–       At least 10 employees

–       At least doubled turnover, if you compare the first and most recent financial year

–       Increase of turnover every year the 3 last years

–       An overall operating profit for the four financial years that is positive

–       Essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers

–       Healthy finances

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