Gunnar Haglund

Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the board since 2021, board member since 2017

Gunnar Haglund (b. 1952) has worked for 28 years for the Ahlsell Group. In the period from 1986 to 2014 Gunnar has held several leading positions. He was appointed the Group CFO in 1989 and further worked as COO from 1999.

Before his career in Ahlsell, Gunnar worked as CFO for El-Partner Grossist AB which is a subsidiary of Siemens. Gunnar has an economics degree from high school.

Significant current positions in or assignments for other companies or organizations: Chairman at Aqua Floating Group, Pampas Marina Västervik, Aquavilla Floating Properties, Arona 1904, Skarvhagen Förvaltning, Stora Ekholmen Kultur and Bromma Chark.

Significant previous positions in or assignments for other companies or organizations: Board member at Ahlsell Group and Chairman at Betongproduktion Västervik.

Other assignments on behalf of the company: Gunnar is a member of the SmartCraft ASA remuneration committee.

Gunnar owns 1 004 800 shares in SmartCraft ASA.