Bernt Ulstein

Board member

Board member since 2017

Bernt (b. 1960) was the founder, together with Jan Olav Sandnes, of System Konsult AS in 1987 (now Cordel Norge AS).

For most of the years at System Konsult, he has held the position of development manager. Since 2017 he has had a more independent role as a consultant, mainly to support the development team at Cordel Norge AS.

He holds an Engineer of cybernetics and automation degree from Møre & Romsdal Ingeniørhøgskole and an Engineer of Microprocessor technology degree from Trondheim Ingeniørhøgskole.

Other assignments on behalf of the company: Bernt is a member of the SmartCraft ASA remuneration committee.

Bernt owns 11 306 975 shares in SmartCraft ASA.