Otto Laurila

General manager at Homerunbynet Oy

General manager at Homerunbynet Oy since February 2018

Otto Laurila (b. 1982) has great experience with SaaS solutions in the building and real estate industry. He has been working as an entrepreneur and founder with successful SaaS solutions. Otto’s previous job was founder and General Manager in one of the leading SaaS companies that offer real estate industry-specific work time monitoring systems.

Otto joined HomeRun in 2018 as a General Manager and made a significant investment in the company. Since Otto’s start, HomeRun has grown and made significant technology updates by renewing the whole Otto’s experience and knowledge from the target industries bring great certainty to HomeRun’s sales, marketing and product development.

Otto is a native Swedish, but speaks also native Finnish and lives currently in Finland.

Otto owns 119 522 shares in SmartCraft ASA.