Christer Kleppestø

General manager at Kvalitetskontroll AS

General Manager at Kvalitetskontroll AS since May 2013

Christer Kleppestø (b. 1984) is the General Manager and one of the co-founders of Kvalitetskontroll. He has a background as a project manager from the construction industry. The years of experience out in the field has proven to be one of the key factors for success and development of the company.

This experience has also led to one of the visions for the company – which is to make things simple and have fun while doing it. This has been widely supported and appreciated by their customers, and is one of the main selling points when choosing Kvalitetskontroll.

Apart from being a handyman and leader, he is also a real sportsman, and is an active runner and contributor in the local community on his spare time.

Christer owns 196 629 shares in SmartCraft ASA.